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 Break time for old times sake

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Break time for old times sake Empty
PostSubject: Break time for old times sake   Break time for old times sake Icon_minitimeFri 02 Nov 2007, 5:07 am

Smile *Wow.. i took a break off ro for 5 days.. but still woed.. thought too much of RO so needed my mind elsewhere.. where as needed to spend time with my kid and doin some old hobby.. started watchin movie and anime again.. been a while.. kinna weird watchin anime again.. but then i saw the new gundam 00 series and was like wow.. i sure missed alot of stuff in the anime world.. includin movies as well.. due to various work and chores.. i also started and finished watchin HEROIC AGE in one day.. 24 episode.. wow.. i kinna got suk in that show.. however.. it was fun watchin it.. for those who wants to know the anime site.. itz easy.. Go to [url][/url].. Enjoy the Show.. i know i did...* -Star*
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Break time for old times sake
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